Below you will find the detailed descriptions of the different work categories and the underlaying sections during the world championship in Bergen. There will be a demand of a great diversified personal characteristics and experiences. 

Task Force

This is the category for you if you want a different and exciting day all through the event. The workday will be different and you will work across sections. This will give a good inside look within the organisation and you will get to know all the different jobs at the event.


As a host you will be active all through the different sections of the event. This groups will be the host and the outside face of the organisation. These personnel will make sure that the event looks good as a whole.

  • Host/ Hostess: This is one of the most important roles during the 2017 UCI Road World Championship and there are many tasks to be completed. Catering includes serving and catering to the volunteers, officials who work at the event, and finally for Hospitality and VIP area. this is where all the guests and the audience will be. Another exciting task is to work with our partners with activities into the audience. Here we are seeking people who have relevant experience is positive and has the right stand-in will. As a host / hostess you play a central role, while you get a great insight into the World Championship.


  • Informational services: One of the important host roles is to give everyone at the event good information. Whether they are spectators, voluntary or invited as a guest to the event. We will arrange for info-stands at the airport, bus station, train station and the cityscape. Here we need people who are positive and serviceminded. Good language skills are an advantage.


  • Culture & public activities: Have you experience from other sport events, festivals or other cultural events? Are you service minded and motivated to create folk festival in Bergen? Then we need you! We need volunteers for a bikerace for the public and other events.


  • Environmental Agents:  As an environmental agent you will assist in keeping the event and its venues clean and green. You will assist the event in meeting the UCI Eco-label requirements. Skills: must pay attention to details, excellent verbal communications skills and enjoy working with people.


  • Sales & Marketing: There will be a variety of sales and marketing activities during the Championship. This includes the sale of official UCI Road World Championship products, food and beverages- The sale of products from partners of Bergen in 2017 and other participants in the Expo area. Besides this there will be a variety of marketing activities before and during the championships. If you are outgoing and enjoy working with sales and marketing this is the task for you. Here you will be an important contributor to creating great experiences during the Championship.



Under the category course you will find tasks involving the safety of the course and preparations. Here you can find jobs like rig, implementation, security and so on.

  • Course Marshalls: Assist in controlling the race course and key arenas, at cross walk zones and ensure participants and publics’ safety. Skills: Responsible and dependable, able to stand for a long period of time outside in the elements.


  • Rig: By working with rig, you are member of a team that build the arenas and putting out fences on the course. It will be some heavy lifting, so it is a requirement that the applicant can manage to lift a minimum of 15 kg.


Race Office

At the race office you will assist in the most important pieces during the championship.

  • Accreditation: Accreditation will show where the contestants, guest and organizers are allowed to go. You will work with the UCI’s own company called Wings. Your duties will be helping out delivering accreditation and making accreditation for the officials that have not register for one yet. The work language will be primarily English, but knowledge of other languages is an advantage.


  • Volunteer centre: As a volunteer assistant you will be helping out in the volunteer office. This job will include registration, distribute clothes and making sure the volunteers gets the help and information they need. The volunteer room will be a place where all the volunteers are always welcome and can come if there is anything they are unsure off.


  • Race office: In the race office you will assit organizers with various admistrative tasks within the race office and staff in processing. Skills and abilities: Must be able to perform general office duties using a computer and copier.


  • Timing: The main tasks for this group will consist in timing and implementation of start and finishing. During the 2017 Road World Championship the timing is really important. There will be reported intermediates and finishing times that will be used as information for the TV. As a part of the timing crew you will be work with Swiss Timing – this is the firm that will produce the intermediates and the results all through the championship. Swiss Timing will need assistants with the rig all through the course and to report intermediates. The work language will be English.


Press & Media

In this category it is important to have good problem solving skills. It is also important to make sure that the personnel that will forward the event through different media channels gets to this this in a great and effective manner.

  • Media: We will have a need for journalists, photographers and interpreters. These volunteers will document and share the moments and stories that are created during the event.


  • Press center: The press and media center will be in the Grieghallen. There will be arranged for press & media to have the best working conditions. There will be held many press conferences and other meetings. This is the section for those who are service-minded and like a hectic and exciting work environment.



The 2017 UCI Road World Championship will have the medical responsibility for all the accredited personnel. The will be emergency rooms around the city centre. This emergency rooms will be staffed with medical personnel that have long experience from the ER, emergency medicine, paramedics, air ambulance. The work language will primarily be English, but there will be some Norwegian to. Experience from similar large events will be important in this position.

  • Antidoping / Chaperons: During the championship there will be taken over 100 antidoping test. For these test we need chaperones. Your duty will be to follow the contestant to the antidoping control. The work language will be both English and Norwegian. Chaperones from previous cycling event is an advantage


  • Medic: The Championships must have a medical organization that is responsible for all accredited personnel. There will be established emergency rooms in Bergen city center. These emergency rooms will be staffed with medical personnel, among other things has extensive experience in all emergency medicine (paramedic), ambulance workers and NLA. Working languages will be mainly English and Norwegian. Experience of similar major events, primarily in cycling, will be important advantage of the positions.



Cars and motorcycles in and around the race course. It is a qualification that you have turned 24 by 01.01.2017.

  • MC: To be a part of this group you have to have A or A2 MC Licence. There will be a need for MC Marshals and MC Pilots. The demands to be a motorcycle driver during the championship are: 24 years of age by 01.01.2017. Minimum 2-3 year of experience from UCI Races, National Championship and National Cup Series (Documented). NCF MC Course within 1/7/2017 (Documented). Clean criminal record and have good English knowledge.


  • Radio Communication: Radio communication is an important piece in the championship puzzle. There are many jobs that require radio communication, the most important is the races. We need radio communication assistant’s wo set up, mount and tests the system. It will be a great advantage if you are a little technical, have an interest in, and worked with communication equipment - especially in big cycling races. English will be an important language.


  • Drivers: During the championship there will be a need for experienced drivers who are part of the races; There are cars, with special tasks, which closely follows the riders and is a part of the column. Other running guests (UCI, VIP and sponsors) and representatives of the press and media. These are not part of the column Requirements for drivers: - 24 years old within 01.01.2017. -class B driving license and minimum 2-3 years with driver experience UCI Race, National Championship and National Cups (Documented). - clean criminal record. - Drivers must have good English skills as much of the information will come in English. Other necessary properties are to run well under pressure and in stressful situations.


  • Transport & Logistics: These positions will be transporting volunteers, leaders, official guests and the press. Additionally, performed other transportation assignments. The requirement is that you have had a driver"s license class B or D1 at least 5 years and you can vouch for safe driving. It is an advantage if you are familiar in the Bergen region.

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