Photographers and Broadcasters

Media Bibs

Bibs are required to be worn by photographers and broadcasters. The bibs are numbered, strictly personal and cannot be replaced in case of loss. They are separated into different color categories according to the group they represent.
Photographers and broadcasters must wear both their bib and accreditation.

Photographers can collect their bibs at the Media Centre, whilst broadcaster bibs will have to be picked-up in the booking office at the TV Compound. The deposit for the TV Bibs will be €40 or NOK 400.

In order to provide crews with the best service possible and the required venue access, bibs must be collected as soon as possible upon arrival at the TV compound from the UCI mentioned in the document.


Photographers’ briefings
Photographers’ briefings are planned in the Media Centre on the 16th of September 14:30-15:00 for the Time Trial, and on the 21st of September 13:30-14:00 for Road Races. Bibs will be distributed at the briefings and throughout the event. Bibs require a deposit of €40 or NOK 400or a professional press/photographer card. Responsible person: Wings Media Centre Manager Laura Folchi

In-competition photographer shuttle service
A dedicated shuttle service for photographers will run from the Media Centre to the competition start line, and then along the parcours. The schedule of the shuttle, as well as its drop off points, will be updated on a daily basis.

Responsible person: Wings Media Centre Manager Laura Folchi

Broadcast media

All access to the venue for broadcast media (TVs and Radios) will be organised according to the different tiers of partnership (Host Broadcaster, Rights Holders, Non-Rights Holders). Accreditation respectively access to the venues of the event will only be granted after the rights are cleared with UCI media rights agencies EBU respectively IMG.

The rights for continuous filming of the event are restricted to the authorized parties. Filming for broadcast (including online) may only take place by written permission of UCI. Please refer to the broadcast contact details.

General access and restrictions 
TV 2 Norway in its role as Host Broadcaster will be wearing grey bibs, and that will allow them access to all areas in order to ensure a first-class television signal at European Broadcasting Union’s standard.

TV 2’s team in its role as Host Broadcaster (and not as uni-lateral Norwegian Rights Holder) is therefore the only audio-visual media allowed to access the finish line / on the road during the event.

All other media will be recognisable with other bibs and will have access to the Mixed Zone as described above. Please note that a special access card is required in addition to the bib to access any dedicated position of the Mixed Zone.

As per previous years, all riders will be conducted through the Mixed Zone, with the exception of the top three riders, who will be retained for the Host Broadcaster flash interview / award ceremonies, before being brought back to the Mixed Zone afterwards.

Mixed Zone
The main Mixed Zone will be located in Festplassen, in Bergen city centre, except for the Men Elite Individual Time Trial event, on Wednesday 20 of September, where a special Mixed Zone will be set up at the summit of Mont Fløyen (see Mont Fløyen section for more information). 

Access to Media Centre
All UCI media partners’ TV crews and their camera operators are allowed to access the Media Centre for the edit and the upload of videos. However, for logistic reasons, we kindly request that they do not to occupy the centre space when not needed.

Also lunch or any other meals should not be taken at the work place in the Media Centre.

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