Media Operations for
Men Elite Time Trial on Mount Fløyen

Given the limited space along the final part of the route and at the finish, special arrangements have been made for members of the media. They, as with everyone present, are requested to strictly adhere to the instructions on occupying, and moving between, positions both during and after the race.

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The successful organisation of this event, which will draw a large and enthusiastic crowd to Mont Fløyen, depends on everyone.   


The Men Elite Time Trial is scheduled for Wednesday 20th September, from 13:05 to 17:25. The event will finish overlooking the city of Bergen with the climb up Mont Fløyen - a 3.4km slope providing a stunning backdrop for a race that is expected to be one of the highlights of the 2017 UCI Road World Championships.    

ACCESS TO Mont Fløyen

With no vehicle access to Mont Fløyen, access to the summit will be by funicular. A shuttle system, starting at the Media Centre, will take members of the media to the foot of the funicular. A permanent priority queue is planned for those people accredited for the World Championships. The funicular can carry 100 people, the journey takes around 6 minutes, and one leaves every 6 minutes. The funicular goes straight to the summit.

Members of the media will be able to reach the finish by climbing Mont Fløyen on foot. No four-wheeled vehicles will have access to the 3.4 km route leading to the summit. The only permitted vehicles will be those belonging to the police, commissaires, teams and medical personnel. Travel on foot may only take place between waves of riders: this means five windows of opportunity lasting around 20 minutes each. All instructions issued by the organisers' security staff must be followed, and failure to do so may result in the organisers and the UCI issuing penalties, including exclusion from the Championships. Photographers will have access to dedicated zones along the route, separated from the public. Movement between these zones will be subject to the same security regulations, for both climbing and descending Mont Fløyen, for as long as the race is ongoing.  

LEAVING Mont Fløyen
The medal ceremony will take place in Torgallmenningen, in the city centre, which is the location for all of the Championships' official ceremonies. The medal ceremony for the Men Elite Time Trial is scheduled for 20 minutes after the top three riders leave Mont Fløyen. Members of the media wishing to attend the ceremony may use two priority funiculars for riders, team personnel, officials, chaperones, and guests, after which the funicular service will return to normal. A shuttle service will operate between the foot of the funicular and the podium. Members of the media situated on the course may use these shuttles; they must however come back down on time if they wish to benefit from the priority transportation system.

Only the official Host Broadcaster wearing grey bibs and a pool of photographers, wearing red bibs, are entitled to be on the finish line. Other photographers (yellow bibs) will use a platform located to the left of the riders when facing the direction of the race. Access to the platform will be via the diversion around Mont Fløyen.      

An area for photographers, separated from the public, will be installed in front of the Hot Seat. For photographers wearing yellow bibs, access to this area will be via the diversion around Mont Fløyen. For photographers wearing red bibs, access will be via the finish line.      

Once the new UCI World Champion and the second- and third-placed riders leave the Hot Seat, they will enter the mixed zone where they will meet members of the media in accordance with a strict timescale, before then moving to the official ceremony. Given the time constraints, all members of the media are requested to respect the instructions given by the organisational staff accompanying the three podium-placed riders. Priority will be given to members of the rights holding media from these riders' countries. In order not to interfere with the TV cameras angles, photographers are not allowed to enter the mixed zone.

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