Exclusion times for circuit in Bergen
Saturday 16th September: 08.30-15.00
Sunday 17th September: 10.00-19.00 
Monday 18th- Sunday 24th September: 08.30-19.00


Exclusion times for roads into Bergen
Saturday 16th September, Askøy-Fjøsanger: 08.30-13.00
Sunday 17th September, Askøy-Bergen: 10.00-19.00
Saturday 23rd September, Øygarden-Sotra-Bergen: Up to 3 hours from 08.45
Sunday 24th September, Øygarden-Sotra-Bergen: Up to 3 hours from 09.15

Traffic Information

During the 2017 UCI Road World Championships, major parts of the city centre in Bergen will be closed or greatly restricted.  This will occur each day during the exclusion times between 08:30 – 19:00. 

During these times, residents and vistors are recommended not to use vehicles in these areas.  Road users may experience difficulty to enter or exit the city, and additional time should be calculated should you attempt to do so.  Emergency vehicles will have continued access to all areas.

Last updated 16.09.2017

NB! For a quick overview, see traffic zones map at bottom of page

It is important to check which roads are closed and used as part of the cycling course.  Please note that car traffic will also be affected in the days before and after the event due to rigging and cleaning. The traffic information on this page will be updated in the lead up and during the championship. Call 53 03 20 17 if you have further enquires.

Closed roads

The cycling course in Bergen will be closed for normal traffic from 08.30 to 19.00 each day. During the first weekend there will exclusions times will be slightly shorter. Askøy is affected the first weekend of the championships, Øygarden and Sotra in the final weekend. The zone in the middle of Bergen city center is closed 24-hours a day.

It is not possible to drive on the course or across the course by car in the exclusion time. Pedestrians and cyclists are able cross the course at certain points, this will mostly be a designated crossings where official personel will allow people to cross when safe to do so, and not to interfere with competitors.

Main routes into Bergen

There is increased difficulty when driving on the main roads in the Bergens area during the 2017 UCI Road World Championships. Several tunnels and primary roads are closed for regular car traffic every day between 08.30 and 19.00.

The best advice is to leave vehicles stationary where possible during the exclusion times.  Should you have to drive in or around the restricted zones, you have to calculate good time, and anticipate delays on your journey.

From Thursday 14th September to Tuesday 26th September:

  • E39 between Fjøsanger - Åsane, both directions.
    • Reduced access for regular car traffic
    • On parts of the route, one of the lanes will be reserved for buses to ensure good accessibility for public transport. Only bus and taxi can use the bus lanes, not accessible for electric cars or other vehicles.


From Saturday 16th September to Sunday 24th September:

  • E39 Nygårdstangen: Exit to the city center and exit west at Nøstet is closed. From 08.30 to 19.00. Only open for bus by bus and taxi, not electric cars or other vehicles.
  • Løvstakk tunnel and Damsgård tunnel closed between 08.30-19.00 (except Sunday 17th September). Only open for bus and taxis, not accessible for electric cars or other vehicles.
  • The Puddefjord bridge is closed between 08.30-19.00 (except Sunday 17th September). Only open for buses in route, taxis, bicycles and walking, no electric car or other vehicles.


Public Transport

Bus and Tram (bybanen): Most lines to and from the city center are affected starting Thursday 14th September, and many of the city center stops will not be in use. Instead, Bergen bus station will become the central hub for all public transport, especially during the daily exclusion times. There will also be changes in bus routes and stops in affected areas outside the city center. The Bybanen will run as usual, but Nonneseter (between Bergen Railway station and Bystasjon shopping centre) will becomes terminating stop to exit the tram the city center.  Going out of the city, the first stop will be at Bergen Bus Station. Updated information about bus and tram schedules is available on the Skyss' website (skyss.no) or the Skyss mobile app.

Train: NSB (the national rail authority) has also set up extra trains between Voss and Bergen, and specifically an increased capacity between Arna-Bergen. Information about train times can be found on NSB's website (nsb.no) or NSB’s mobile app.

Floibanen Funicular: The funicular with operate at normal scheduled times every day during the Cycling World Cup, except Wednesday 20 September. Read more on Fløibanen's website. (floyen.no/en)

Emergency services

Emergency vehicles, hospital and emergency room

Fire, police and ambulance vehicles are permitted access to all areas during the event. Haukeland University Hospital and Haraldsplass Hospital have only limited access to private vehicles when the cycling course is closed for traffic.

Bergen municipality creates several temporary emergency medical posts during the cycling world cup. These are displayed on the map below as a blue cross.

Surrounding affected areas in Bergen

Large parts of Bergen will be affected during the championship. Some areas are closed completely or partially for entry and exit at. 08.30-19.00 during the cycling world cup. Elsewhere driving is discouraged because of the danger of queue.  See map below.

See traffic map and information below at the bottom of this page. 

Bergen city centre 14th-26th September

Bergen city center is closed 24hrs a day, for driving in and around, for the duration of the event.  The map below show the blue zone affected by permenant closure for the duration of the event.

Christie's gate is closed from Thursday, September 14th. 05:00 to Tuesday 26 September at 06:00.  The rest of the center closes from the evening of 16th September. The entire area is scheduled to re-open by 25 September at. 05.00.  The affected areas include (but not limited to): Småstrand street, Torgallmenningen and Ole Bullsplass (including side streets), Torget, Bryggen and Lars Hilles gate between Strømgaten and Christie's gate. Delivery services will be arranged in the city center at night and in the early morning, mainly between kl. 04:00 and 08:00.

Do you live along the cycling route?

The cycling course will be fenced off throughout the entire route.  When the competion period concludes following each event, the barriers will be opened continuously at all traffic crossings and intersections. The road network can not be used normally before all barriers have been removed. Therefore, wait until the closing time is over, even if the fence in front of your own exit is removed. The same is true in the morning. Do not enter the affected areas once the exclusion times have started, even if your area is still open.  

Assembly and clearing of fences will also cause some streets to be closed for shorter periods in the days before and after the World Cup.

Street parking

Parking along the cycling course is forbidden 24 hours a day for the duration of the cycling championships.  Some other streets will also be affected by parking restrictions  to ensure accessibility for bus and emergency services. The restrictions will take place in the lead up to the event and also few days afterwards. 


Taxis have greater access than private cars during the cycling world championships, including in the bus zones that have been set up. Most taxi stops in the city center are moved during the event. A maps of the additional taxi stands in operation during the event is available here from Hordaland Fylkeskommune

Private boats

The police will shut the harbour area for private boat docking during the event from Thursday 15th September at midnight until Sunday 24th September at midnight. Bergen Harbour Authority manages the possibility for boat docking a limited part of the Vågen harbour area. Alternative docking facilities will be at Marineholmen in the centre of the Puddefjord. At this location, GC Rieber will be able to offer 100-150 small boats the opportunity to dock during the event period. Here it will be a "first come, first served" policy.



Askøy is directly affected on the weekend of 16th and 17th September. Emergency services have continued access throughout the day.

Saturday 16th September: Askøy bridge and the roads between Askøy and Fjøsanger in Bergen will be closed during training sessions between 08: 30 to 13.00.
Sunday 17th of September: Askøy bridge and the roads from Askøy-Bergen will be closed from 10.00 to 19.00.

Cycling course at Askøy:  Ravnanger, Steinrusten, Erdal, Florvåg, Kleppestø, Askøybrua. Vehicles cannot pass Ravnanger and Erdal when the course is closed. Read more on Askøy Kommune's website.

Additional ferry transport will be added from Kleppestø to Strandkaien. All routes are available on Skyss' websites

Sotra og Øygarden

Sotra and Øygarden are directly affected on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September. Emergency services have continued access throughout the day.

Saturday 23rd September from approximately 08.45: The route from Øygarden, via Sotra bridge, to Bergen will be closed for up to three hours. The road is continuously closed and reopened for regular traffic as the riders pass the affected areas.

Sunday 24th September from around 09.15: The route from Øygarden, via Sotra bridge, to Bergen will be closed for up to three hours. The road is constantly closed and reopened for regular traffic as the riders pass the affected area.

Two other sections are regulated in the same period:

  • Vestsideveien from Møvik to Ågotnes
  • Bildøyvegen from Bildøybakken to the intersection of Sartorvegen & Arefjordsvegen

Additional public transport are added both towards Straume and towards Bergen city center. Read more about the traffic on Sotra and in Øygarden at Sykkel i Vest website (in Norwegian and some English information).

Map of affected Traffic Zones

Below is the map of affected traffic zones in an around Bergen city centre effective for the duration of 2017 UCI Road World Championships.

The following colour coded zones apply, as indicated in the map.

Blue Zone:  Closed 24hrs each day, No access to vehicles

Red Zones: Closed daily during the exclusion times 08:30-19:00

Orange Zones: Heavily affected traffic condtions during exclusion times, dependent on traffic density in these areas and impact of surrounding course operations.  Ideal to avoid these areas or allow plenty of additonal time if attempting to access these zones.

Yellow Zones: Affected traffic condtions during exclusion times, dependent on traffic density in the areas and impact of surrounding course operations.  Ideal to avoid these areas or allow additonal time if attempting to access these zones.

Last updated 16.09.17

  • Leave the car behind!
  • Plan your travel by public transport, walking or bicycle!
  • Allow additional time!
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