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Women Junior Individual Time Trial
The 2017 UCI Road World Championships sets off with the Women’s Team Time Trial. At a speed of 50-60 km/h, the Team Time Trial is often referred to as the hardest and most intense cycling event of all. Read more

Men Under 23 Individual Time Trial
Right after the completion of the Women’s race, it’s time for the men. The course is identical for both genders. Read more

Concert with Sigird Moldestad with band
Sigrid Moldestad is one of Norway´s most popular folk musicians. Through countless performances and five solo albums, she has spellbound her audience with her beautiful singing voice and fiddle playing. 

After Race Event: VM-Spezial
Finn Tokvam invites to a talk show with International guests. Read more


Vi recommend that you walk, cycle or travel with boat or bus. Please see Skyss’ website for detailed information about public transportation and parking.

Advice of the 18th of September

Today the riders start with a short time interval between. Please be patient and respect the course marshals when crossing the crossing the course. If you use public transportation to «Bystasjonen» or «Jernbanestasjonen» there will be fairly easy to move around the City center.

General advice  

  • To cross the course during a race needs to be done with great care. Please respect the course marshals who are there for your own safety.   
  • You will find people with bibs surrounding the entire course and in the City center. These people are volunteers working for the 2017 UCI Road World Championships. Feel free to ask them questions, give them a hug or a high five.  
  • The marshals with green bibs know the City well and they can tell you were to find the best places for watching the race. The marshals are only there for you!
  • If a place is overcrowded, we recommend that you turn around and find an alternative route to where you are heading. The marshals will be happy to give you guidance. Please respect the many narrow streets of Bergen.
  • In the main park of the City, «Byparken», there will be a big screen showing the race. This will be a great place to gather and follow the race. This area has great capacity for large crowds.
  • If you have a stroller, bike, cart, wheelchair or other things that will not fit on a narrow sidewalk when there are many people surrounding the course, you should avoid the most crowded areas. Ask the marshals for advice. There will be a separate area for wheelchair users in «Strandgaten».

Be especially aware of signs and guidance in these areas:

The Bergen bus station and the Railway Station: To avoid interfering with the buses and the light rail transporting people in and out of the City centre, you will not be allowed to cross light rail track or «Strømgaten». Instead, you will be guided through these main routes to use public transportation:

1) By Marken.
2) By the underground between «Lille Lundegårdsvann and «Bergen Storsenter».  

The street of «Kong Oscars gate» is narrow with small sidewalks. During the last weekend, this street will be crowded, and it can be wise to avoid this area.

The traffic junction «Kong Oscars gate-Vetrlidsallmenningen». A nice place to watch the race but can be crowded.

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