Men Under 23 Time Trial

The Men Under 23 Time Trial course will consist of one lap in the full circuit and one lap in the Women Junior’s course.

The circuits for the individual time trials all have the same start-finish area. It will start by Grieghallen and will finish by Festplassen. The circuits are laid to the south towards Lake Nordåsvannet, but this time the riders will stay at the Paradis/Hop/Storetveit side of the lake.

The riders will ride past the Royal Residence Gamlehaugen, the famous composer Edward Grieg’s home Troldhaugen and the house where the Norwegian national anthem was written by writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson. This will again enhance the culture and historical aspect for the viewers.

The part of the circuit around Paradis and Storetveit will be perfect for the fans, and we will have multiple fansones here. This area is also close to the UCI Road world Championships camps, and the public transportation, thus making it easily accessible for the fans. There are also good facilities for catering in the area.

The Men Under 23 riders will climb Birkelundsbakken once.

The last part of the circuit will be the same as for the Road Races. The enthusiastic crowds will gather in thousands and cheer for the riders when they enter the city centre. 600 metres of fine cobblestone will give another challenge to already tired riders. The section will take the riders past many historic buildings, and when they enter Bryggen they will meet a gigantic roar from the fans. This will give them the last boost of energy to give it all to the finish line.

Monday 18 September

Distance: 37,2 km


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