Men Elite Time Trial

The Time Trial for the Men Elite will have a spectacular summit finish at Mount Fløyen.

The circuits are laid to the south towards Lake Nordåsvannet, but this time the riders will stay at the Paradis/Hop/Storetveit side of the lake.

The Time Trial course for the Men Elite will only be 31 km, but the last 3,4 km is straight up Mount Fløyen with an average pending of 9,1 % and several parts with more than 10%. This will pose a real challenge for the riders who aim for the coveted UCI rainbow jersey.

The first lap is identical to the one used for the Women Junior and the Men Under 23. After the start at Festplassen the riders will race towards Lake Tveitevannet before turning back to the City centre where they will face 600 metres of fine cobblestone. The section will take the riders past many historic buildings, and when they enter Bryggen they will meet a gigantic roar from the fans.

When the riders come to Vetrelidsallmenningen for the second time they have completed the first 27,6 km of the course. But the final 3,4 km will be breathtaking up the serpentine turns of Mount Fløyen. Fans will gather in thousands and create a magical atmosphere.

With this historical summit finish the riders will have the option of changing their bikes. This brings a tactical element into the event that is most interesting for the fans and worldwide TV-viewers.

After completing the climb to Mount Fløyen the riders are awarded the scenic view from the finish line with the city of Bergen at their feet. This will truly be a memorable race!

Wednesday 20 September

Distance: 31 km

Elevation: 592

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