Men Junior Road Race

The wild and authentic landscape of Øygarden and Fjell will give the Men Junior Road Race a perfect frame for an epic race before the young riders will tackle the Road Race circuit in the City. 

The Men JuniorRoad Race will start in Øygarden with the spectacular Rognesund Bridge. We can expect to see a major gathering of the locals, boats and vessels that will wish to celebrate the riders.

After the bridge the course have a flat 20 km towards Kolltveit. The beautiful coastal landscape will give the riders some chances to rest before they cross the magnificent Sotra Bridge. The suspension bridge is 1236 metres long, and has a free span of 468 metres with 50 metres of clearance. For both the riders and the TV-audience, this will be something to remember.

The final part of the course will be in the Road Race circuit in Bergen. It departs from Festplassen and takes the riders up to Mount Ulriken where the riders will have a fantastic view over the city. Then the circuit goes around the old wooden housing in Sandviken, before the final stretch along Bryggen and the finish at Festplassen.

The circuit starts out with a flat 200m in a well-lit tunnel before entering the Puddefjords Bridge. After 2 km the first climb awaits at Solheimsviken. It’s about 500 metres long, but will be crowded with lots of fans and spectators. The second climb comes after about 5 km, and now the riders will face 1 km with 5 %. With a light rail stop in the middle of the climb, this will be another popular fan zone.

For the first part of the race, the race will take it gentle at this part of the circuit. The flat section will see the teams and riders preparing for the last and main climb up to Mount Ulriken. The 1.4 km ascend is beautifully carved into the mountainside with houses wooden surrounding the road. Together with the city centre, this will be the most popular fan zone with massive amounts of people. With 6.5 % in average, the climb will offer a good chance for a break away. This gives a tactical dimension to the race, the battle will be immense, and the riders will have to perform their very best.

After the majestic sight at Mount Ulriken there is a descent with intermediate technical turns for about 1 km, then it is flat towards the city centre where the final parts of the circuit is identical as for the other races. The last 2.5 km is flat with gentle curves and no roundabouts.

The Road Race course will offer interesting races where there will be action all the time.

Saturday 23 September

Distance: 135,5 km

Length of circuit: 39.5 km + 17.9 km + 4 laps (19.1 km)



Map first 41 km Map circuit course

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