Photo: the Municipality og Øygarden


Øygarden is the beautiful island kingdom north-west of Bergen.  The scenic coastal region will be the starting point for the final weekend of the championships.

The fantastic west coast of Norway is something unique. In this amazing landscape we find the municipality of Øygarden 40 min outside of Bergen.

With more then 550 island, islets and skerries Øygarden is truly a special experience. The people of western Norway are accustomed to live with and by mother nature. The landscape, life and people are shaped by weather and wind. People along the coast are often called fishermen-farmers. Vicinity to the sea and the rich natural resources have been basis for settlement in Øygarden in millennium.

Øygarden is wild and unspoiled. Waves roll in form the North Sea and are thrown in full force over the coastal rocky slopes into the sheltered harbours nestling at the end of narrow sounds. The weather is very changeable, and it is quite possible to experience the four seasons in one day! This will truly present a challenge for the worlds best cyclist in 2017.

There are a number of exciting activities and experiences to enjoy. Cycling, boating, bird safaries, diving, rock climbing, fishermen’s holidays and much more. So if one wants to challenge nature’s elements then Øygarden is a special threat. Hiking and cycling in the coastal landscape is absolutely marvelous. At the same time one can just relax and enjoy the mouth of the fjord and the North Sea, it is truly breathtaking.

Øygarden is also home to the big oil and gas facilities at Kollsnes and Sture, and is one of Norway’s most important centers for export of energy.  1,5 % of the world’s total oil production flows from the oil fields in the North Sea and are stored in the bedrock at Sture. Huge tankers are loading oil for export. 50 million Europeans in six different countries are daily supplied with gas from Kollsnes.  




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