Hordaland is the third largest county in Norway with 484.000 inhabitants (almost 10 % of the Norwegian population). Hordaland is a region of islands, small islets and sheltered bays, fjords with steep mountainsides, magnificent waterfalls, mountain plateaus, glaciers and fertile valleys. The 179 km long Hardangerfjord almost splits the county in two. And resting above it we find the breathtaking glacier Folgefonna.  

Hordaland can boast more than 100 National Parks. The Hardanger Mountain Plateau is the largest in Northern Europe. The county is also famous for its fruit. More fruit is grown in Hordaland than in any other county in Norway – the district of Hardanger in the Hardangerfjord is fantastic during the apple and cherry blossom in May, and Hordaland is also Norway’s leading fish farming county.

Hordaland enjoys a unique position in the Norwegian energy market with the big oil and gas facilities Mongstad, Kollsnes and Sture located in the county.  The crude oil and gas from the North Sea platforms are processed at these facilities.

The Bergen Region is the collaboration of municipalities surrounding Bergen. The municipalities Askøy, Fjell, Sund and Øygarden make up region west and are partners for the Bergen World Championships.

The county comprises 33 municipalities with their own governing councils.
Bergen, one of Europe’s great scenic cities, is known as the Gateway to Western Norway. It is the centre of Hordaland County and the site of the county administration.

Hordaland has more than 100 natural parks. The Hardanger Mountain Plateau is the largest national park in Norway and the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe. The park is the home of the largest herd of wild reindeer in Europe.

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