Ocean industries and more

Greater Bergen has always lived off the sea and we are continuously seeking innovative ways to explore this valuable resource. The Norwegian Government´s ocean strategy sets high ambitions for Norway as one of the leading ocean nations in the world.

Greater Bergen has every qualification for being a frontrunner in fulfilling this goal. There are strong clusters within the ocean industries of oil, gas, subsea, renewable energy, shipping, and maritime clean technology in the region, including a sound seafood cluster focusing on sustainability.

The clusters within these industries are working closely together to explore how to use knowledge and innovation across cluster borders. This does not apply to ocean industries alone, but also media technology companies, who leverage their ICT and digital competence in the ocean industries.

Seafood is a trademark of Greater Bergen; both fishery and sustainable fish farming is one of the major industries in the region, which also holds the head offices of many of the biggest fish farming companies and where The University of Bergen, the Institute of Marine Research, and a number of leading marine groups have established OceanCity Bergen. The aim is to create Europe’s strongest integrated cluster for ocean-related education, research, and innovation.

During the last years, media technology has boomed in Bergen. This autumn, Media City Bergen opens in the heart of the city.

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